Date / Time / Hotel

We need to know this first, as every day and night has many different ladies to choose from. It is much quicker to let you know who you will be suited to on the night or day you want a booking – rather than going through a daily list of Escorts. Please have your Hotel details ready before calling reception.


What look are you attracted to?

This is important in narrowing down potential Escorts that suit your needs. We want to provide you with what you want, so let us know – blondes, brunettes, tall, short, dark skin, fair skin, large breasts, Asian, European? You get the idea ūüôā


Make your Escort experience unique

Is there anything in particular you’d like to happen in your booking with Melbourne Escorts? Do you want your sexy Escort to wear certain clothing? Do you have a fantasy? Let us know, we’ll make it happen ūüôā¬†


No, shortest booking length for any Escort is 1 hour.

We have ‘Gold’ Escorts available from $400.00 per hour. Please see below or our rates page¬†for more details

Please refer to our Escorts rates page for a detailed list of rates per hour.

Pricing reflects an Escorts experience, look, refinement and social position. As seen below, some services attract a higher fee, e.g. kinks and fetishes.

You can pay your Escort as soon as she arrives at your door, or you can make payment with reception. Credit card facility is available, however will attract a surcharge for each transaction.

For safety reasons, we only service major Hotels and Serviced Apartments.

Firstly, welcome! We have new clients joining our Melbourne Escort Agency every day – have a chat with our friendly reception staff, they will appease any nerves you have, and answer all of your questions. Also checkout our First Time Booking An Escort page.


All ladies that represent Melbourne Escorts are beautiful, sexy, friendly and above all, professional. As an Melbourne Escort Agency, we understand the needs of each and every client is different; hence we have many different types of female companions available to suit different tastes, needs and desires. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just as with sexual preferences; different strokes for different folks.

You let us know what you like and what you’re into, and we will match you with one of our stunning Escorts.


  • Entry level
  • Standard service
  • No extra’s
  • Ladies of different nationalities
  • 1 hour minimum booking


  • Experienced model
  • Standard service
  • Extras: PSE, GFE, Greek
  • Ladies of different nationalities
  • 1 hour minimum booking


  • Elite model – flawless
  • Standard service
  • Extras: PSE, GFE, Greek + more
  • Ladies of different nationalities
  • 1 hour minimum booking
  • Designer wardrobe
  • Exclusive – must book in advance, waiting lists often apply


Melbourne Escorts have friendly receptionists that are available to answer any of your questions. All reception staff have extensive experience in the Escort Industry and will tailor you a unique Escort experience, that will satisfy your needs and desires.

Not sexually satisfied?

There’s no need to ever be bored, or not satisfied with your sex life