Escorts Melbourne Make All First Time Escort Clients Comfortable


Booking a Melbourne Escort for the first time is often a memory even the most seasoned of Escort punters remember forever – often it is because of the nervous lead up, or the anticipation of what they thought it would be like; often very different to how it actually was. Our Melbourne Escort Agency takes on new clients daily, who have previously never seen an Escort before. We specialise in making new clients feel comfortable and at ease, allowing them to enjoy their first ever Escort experience.

Many guys seemed to be so focused on two things – what their Melbourne Escort will think of them and will they have any performance issues / ability to sexually please their Escort. What will I wear? What should I say when she arrives? Do we “get into it” as soon as she arrives? Should I offer her a drink? I’m sure you’re starting to see the list of ‘what ifs’ is really endless. No matter the profession anyone reading this is in, I’m sure each and every one of us can appreciate the nervousness of the situation of any first time experience.

Just pausing for a moment – I wonder how many men and/or couples have been thinking of seeing a Melbourne Escort for some time now, however still haven’t made those first few steps yet. * Even if you’re not ready to lock in a booking with an Escort, at least have a chat with our friendly reception staff – you can contact via email if you feel more comfortable. When speaking with them, let them know you’re just wanting some information and have never seen a Melbourne Escort before; that way they will ensure they go over things with you in plenty of detail.

A couple of quick key points:

Just as each and every Escort varies in appearance – so does the service they provide. Not all Melbourne Escorts offer Greek for example. Similarly, all experience Escorts put their own scent on their service in how they deliver their service to their clients. There is no ‘absolute’ or ‘right’ way for an Escort booking to flow.

You discuss your needs in detail with reception staff, well before an Escort is chosen for you – you don’t have to worry or stress about will my Escort like this, or can I do that etc. All of the things you’d like to incorporate or try in your booking that you discuss with reception, will be used to refine which Escort suits your needs. You can be very confident knowing that the sexy high class Escort that arrives at your destination is well informed in knowing what you like.

Don’t consume too much alcohol in the hope to take ‘the edge off’ or ease your nervousness – it will often make you feel worse and you won’t enjoy the full satisfaction of your booking.  Just take a breath, and enjoy being excited knowing you’re about to spend some time with one of the hottest Escorts in Melbourne.

Make sure you have spoken with housekeeping and there are plenty of fresh clean towels available for you both to use.

Your Melbourne Escort Is At Your Door

Take another breath! Remember, this should be both fun and exciting.

Open the door as if you would to any other good friend who is coming over. Don’t be too enthusiastic and rugby tackle hug your Melbourne Escort with excitement – there is plenty of time to show your excitement during your booking. Remember, just as this is your first time meeting your sexy companion, it too is her first time meeting you. Opening that door is the first impression you both will make.

Get the transactional aspect of the booking out of the way, in a gentlemanly style. Yes gentlemen, money (unless you have paid Melbourne Escort Agency by credit card). Never ever let your Melbourne Escort ask you for your payment – not only is it poor etiquette, bad manners and  very rude; but it starts the tone of the booking on a sour note.

Another key point here Gentlemen, do not overstep your mark before any money has been handed to your companion. Your booking has not started until she has received payment in full. Any advancement from your end before this will be considered rude and offensive.

After greeting your Escort, either directly hand her payment, or; have her payment ready in an unsealed envelope and leave it in the bathroom – you can easily direct her upon her arrival that she may wish to ‘freshen up’ or something similar. She will know what you mean.

Your Escort will need to quickly use her phone at the beginning of the booking to let reception know that everything is OK – this is nothing personal, it is standard Melbourne Escort Agency procedure.

Health Check and General Hygiene

A health check sounds daunting, but really it is just having a quick look at your private parts to make sure everything appears as it should be. There will be no doctor’s inspection tools, bright consulting lights or anything of the sort – just a quick peak under normal lighting. It literally will only take a few moments. This is for both your safety and your Escorts.

Once again nothing personal – standard Melbourne Escort Agency procedure to ensure the health of both their Escorts and clients.

General hygiene is important, and should really go without saying. Ensure that you have brushed your teeth, wearing deodorant, some aftershave and are well groomed. Some Escorts may ask you to shower even though you have before they arrived. This is personal choice, once again – just a standard procedure to make sure you’re both fresh and ready to enjoy each other.

Commencing Your First Escort Booking

If you have booked the minimum 1 hour – don’t feel like every second counts. If you try and get “value” out of every second, the booking will feel awkward for both you and your Escort, and you will not have a natural flowing service; rather it will be very clinical. On the flip side, 1 hour will also go quite quickly – your Escort will keep an eye on the time, and if you want to know how long you have left; you’re most welcome to ask at any time.

Seeing an Escort in Melbourne for the first time can often be overwhelming, if you prefer, let her set the pace and move things along. At any time if you feel you’re not enjoying yourself, please feel free to let her know (as amazing as these ladies are, they also aren’t mind readers). Also don’t be shy in letting them know you’re enjoying yourself. You enjoying yourself is very important feedback.

You may like to begin your booking with some small chit chat, a glass of alcohol or for many – they like to lay down on the bed, bridging the gap and having some small talk with some touching to start things off. There are no ‘set rules’ as to what must or mustn’t happen. Of course always use common sense and above all, be a gentleman about how you conduct yourself.

Sex Sex Sex

Each and every client has different expectations as to what they want to experience in their Melbourne Escort booking – these details would have been discussed with Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff when you made your booking. For example, if you wanted a Girlfriend Experience or Porn Star Experience – an Escort who specialises in those services would have been chosen for you. If you’ve chosen a specific service, then you know what you’re in for.

If however you have opted for a ‘standard’ booking which involves oral sex on you and intercourse – then you may not be sure what happens here. As mentioned above, go with the flow, and yell out if there’s something you’re not comfortable with. Or, if there’s something you’d like to do or try – let your sexy Escort know. As everyone is different, the only advice that applies across the board to all clients – relax. If you’re not relaxed, you can’t let your senses truly heighten to get maximum satisfaction from your Escort experience.

Just as it is important for you to let your lady know you’re enjoying things – she too will give you feedback on how things are going from her end. Please be attentive if she is letting you know to be a little more gentle, or softer; or on the flip side she may want you to go harder!

Good sex is reliant on feedback from both parties.

Anal tip – always ask first! I repeat, always ask first!

Performance Issues

Seeing an Escort in Melbourne for the first time gives many clients performance issues. Some overcome this within 10 or so minutes, and some overcome it in the last moments of the booking! Your Melbourne Escort will be able to help you relax, and not focus on the issue at hand. This is the main problem guys have; they feel let down and then do their head in about it. Let your companion take control, enjoy chatting with her while she works her magic on you. You’ll be surprised how quickly their magic can get you rock hard and ready to go.

You’ve cum early

If you had a wham-bam type session and have time still left on the clock, it is up to you if you want to keep spending time with your lady. If you’ve cum and you’re happy to end your booking, she will be fine with that also.

Extending your booking

If at any time during your booking you’d like to extend your time with your companion – let her know ASAP. She will need to speak with Melbourne Escort Agency reception to see if it is possible. Please note, if you’re extending your booking and confirmed with the Melbourne Escort Agency – you will need to pay your Escort for the extended time before it commences (just as you did when she arrives). Rates for both heterosexual and bisexual Escorts can be found here.

Your booking has come to an end

Doesn’t the famous saying go, ‘all good things come to an end’? In most cases, your Escort will let you know when about 10 minutes is left to go. This gives you a chance to make sure you are able to cum or whatever else. You can finish your booking with some cuddling and chatting, or you can simply end it and run in to the shower. The choice is yours. As a gentleman, let your Escort freshen up before she leaves – providing her with clean towels etc.

Your lady of the evening will need to use her phone to let the security driver know that she is ready to be picked up.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact reception directly or submit an online enquiry.